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I. General provisions

1.        The permanent exhibition of the Saint John Paul II Family Home Museum in Wadowice (hereinafter Museum) is open on the days and times specified on the website and at the Museum ticket offices.

2.       On Tuesdays of each month, except on technical maintenance days, visits to the Museum’s permanent exhibition are free of charge. Free-of-charge visits require the presentation of a valid, free-of-charge ticket at the entrance to the exhibition. In the case of audio-guided tours, the Museum reserves the right to charge for the hire of an audio-guide as specified in the current price list.

3.       On one day of each month, at times decided by the Museum, the Museum will offer “quiet hours” visits to the permanent exhibition, with the sound-generating multimedia and flashing lights switched off. The Museum will announce the days and times for “quite hours” visits on its website https://www.domjp2.pl. Visits require a valid ticket, with the price of such a ticket for “quiet hours” visiting being the same as a ticket for regular visiting.

4.       The rules for ticket sales and reservations, including the rules for reserving free-of-charge tickets for Tuesdays are set out in the Terms and Conditions for the sale tickets for the permanent exhibition of the Saint John Paul II Family Home Museum in Wadowice.

5.       Each visitor, at the time of purchasing a ticket or collecting a free-of-charge ticket, but no later than on entering the Museum’s permanent exhibition, agrees to these Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide by them.

6.       The full text of these Terms and Conditions is available to visitors at the Museum’s ticket offices and on the website https://www.domjp2.pl.. The website at https://www.domjp2.pl also provides up-to-date, detailed information on purchases, bookings, types of visits, entry fees for the Museum’s exhibitions, ticket dates as well as availability.

II. Basic visiting rules

1.        Entrance to the Museum’s permanent exhibition is possible only with a valid ticket, which is valid only on the date and time specified on the ticket, indicating the day and time of entry to the exhibition.

2.       Visits to the Museum’s permanent exhibition take place in manner selected when purchasing the ticket.

3.       The Museum reserves the right to refuse admission to persons who are late for the date indicated on the ticket.

4.       Due to the nature of the permanent exhibition, daily visitor limits apply.

5.       During periods when there are, by law, limits on the number of people who can be in the Museum building at the same time, the Museum has put in place limits to reflect these regulations.

6.       The museum is adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. A detailed list of facilities and projects dedicated to persons with disabilities and special needs can be found on the website at https://www.domjp2.pl in the tab Accessibility.

7.       The Museum will not refund the cost of the ticket if it is lost or not used within the period stated on the ticket.

8.       Museum staff are entitled to check the tickets of visitors when in the Museum. Visitors must keep their tickets when visiting the Museum in order to present them for inspection.

9.       The issuing of a discount ticket and a free-of-charge ticket may require prior production of a document providing eligibility for such a discount as set out in the Internal Order of the Museum Director on the types and prices of tickets and groups entitled to a discounts and free-of-charge entry to the permanent exhibition at ul. Kościelna 7.

10.   When events are scheduled to take place within the permanent exhibition area at ul. Kościelna 7, additional rules may apply, as posted on the website at https://www.domjp2.pl and at the Museum’s ticket offices.

III. Individual tours

1.          A tour of the permanent exhibition can be taken with an audio guide.

2.         The Museum owns the audio guides and lends them to visitors on the basis of a ticket for an individual audio-guided tour (service included in the ticket price) or on the basis of a ticket for an individual visit after payment of the audio guide rental fee specified in the ticket price list (on the basis of a receipt confirming payment of the fee). The rental is for the duration of the tour.

3.         Audio guides are issued at the entrance to the exhibition. Audio guide have to be used with headphones. The audio guide can be used with the visitor’s own headphones or disposable headphones available from the Museum.

4.         Minors using the audio guide are the responsibility of the person in whose care they are.

5.         The audio guide may only be used within the Museum’s permanent exhibition – it is prohibited to take the audio guide outside.

6.         The borrower is legally and materially responsible for the audio guide lent to him.

7.         The borrower of the equipment will:

a)       use the audio guide for its intended purpose;

b)       return the audio guide at the end of the tour at the designated location,

c)       confirm the technical condition of the borrowed audio guide at the time of its receipt, and in the event of any defects report them immediately to the Museum;

d)       return the audio guide in a condition not deteriorated from its state of issue;

e)       cover the cost of repair in the event of damage to the audio guide caused by the borrower or, if the audio guide cannot be repaired, cover the cost of purchasing a new unit. Any defects in the equipment will be recorded in the form of a written damage report;

f)         cover the cost of purchasing a new audio guide in the event of loss or destruction of the audio guide.

8.         While visiting the Museum’s permanent exhibition, the visitor can use the audio-guided app called “JPII Family House Museum”, available for download to mobile devices with the Android or IOS operating system.

9.         There is no additional charge for downloading and using the app.

10.     Visitors using the audio guide in the form of an app are required to use headphones when listening to the recordings.

11.       Visitors are not authorised to copy, record or re-record the audio guide and the app.

IV. Guided tours

1.          On dates indicated by the Museum, visits to the permanent exhibition take place in groups with a guide appointed by the Museum.

2.         Visits to the Museum’s permanent exhibition are possible in groups of no more than 30 people, unless the Museum decides otherwise. To reach the number of 30 visitors in a group, the Museum reserves the right to divide and combine groups.

3.         Guides who do not hold a certificate issued by the Museum valid at the time of the visit are not allowed to provide guided tours of the permanent exhibition.

4.         The website https://www.domjp2.pl/bilety provides detailed information on bookings, dates and times when guided tours are possible.

5.         Included in the price of the ticket is the fee for the guide service.

V. Rules of order

1.          During a visit, each visitor is obliged to move around the Museum’s permanent exhibition according to the direction and order of the visit and to follow the instructions of the Museum staff. Visitors to the Museum on a guided tour are required to move around the Museum with the entire group following the guide.

2.         Visitors who, due to their age, mental or physical condition, cannot be held responsible for their actions are the responsibility of their parents or carers (legal guardian). The legal guardian is also liable for damage caused by these persons.

3.         Each visitor is responsible for any damage or destruction of the exhibit features or other Museum property caused by their own actions or failure to exercise due care. Damage caused by inappropriate behaviour of wards falls under the responsibility of their guardians.

4.       The Museum’s permanent exhibition building is under surveillance – CCTV cameras that record and archive images in all rooms. With regard to the surveillance used by the Museum, for the purposes of ensuring safety for property and people, a monitoring system is in operation to record images by means of CCTV cameras based on the lawful interests of the Museum – Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. Surveillance data is retained for no longer than 6 weeks from the date of recording, provided that the recording may be overwritten earlier by later recordings. In cases where the recorded images are to be used as evidence in a case (e.g. in the event of theft), they may be kept by the Museum until the case is resolved. Detailed information on the rules for the processing of personal data in the context of the surveillance system used by the Museum is available in the Museum’s Privacy Policy at https://www.domjp2.pl.

5.       The following rules apply in the Museum’s permanent exhibition area:

-        Do not bring firearms or sharp objects that can cause harm to other visitors or damage the Museum’s property or exhibits, drinks and food, as well as luggage with the exception of: handbags, luggage necessary for parents and guardians of children, luggage necessary for health reasons; The Museum reserves the right to inspect the luggage brought in and to order to leave it off the premises;

-        no animals except guide dogs;

-        no visitors who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances, who behave in a way that may endanger the safety of other persons and the museum collections, or who behave in a way that is in breach of generally accepted standards of behaviour in public places;

-        no touching the exhibits,

-        do not smoke, eat or drink; do not bother the Museum employees or other visitors, in particular by disobeying instructions, loud behaviour, listening to music, making telephone calls, running, entering areas excluded from visiting, opening windows, etc., as well as obstructing the Museum in any other way;

-        do not photograph or film the Museum exhibitions for the purpose of their further dissemination or public presentation for commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the Museum Director. Visitors acknowledge that the individual exhibits and the exhibition, as a work in the sense of copyright law, are protected by copyright and that any infringement of this provision may lead to liability on the part of the visitor;

-        no photographing, filming and otherwise recording in any form the image and voice of Museum staff and guides without their permission.

6.         If it is found that a person’s entry to the permanent exhibition area of the Museum would constitute a breach of any of the prohibitions set out in clause 9, Museum staff have the right to refuse entry to the exhibition area, and the person concerned has the right to demand a refund of the ticket price. In the event of a breach of the individual prohibitions set out in these rules during a visit, the guides, exhibition supervisors, Museum staff and persons authorised by the Museum, including security staff, have the right to order the visitor to leave the Museum, and the visitor is obliged to leave the Museum premises immediately. In this situation, the visitor is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price. The Museum may cancel the provision of services in the event of a threat to the health or life of Museum visitors or for any other valid reason.

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