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1920.05.18 – Karol Wojtyla was born as a son of Karol Wojtyla Senior and Emilia at 7 Koscielna Street in Wadowice

1920.06.20 – Baptized in the parish church of Offertory of Holy Mary in Wadowice

1926-1930 – Attended the elementary school

1929.04.13 – His mother Emilia dies

1929.05.25 – First Holy Communion

1930-1938 – Attended the Marcin Wadowita Gymnasium in Wadowice

1932.12.04 – His brother Edmund dies.

1938.05.03 – Receives the sacrament of Confirmation

1938.05.14 – Matriculation exam at Gymnasium in Wadowice

1938.05.27 – Completes Gymnasium

1938-1939 – Polish Classical studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

1940-1941 – Works in Krakow’s chemical plant “Solvay”

1941.02.18 – His father Karol dies

1942-1946 – Enrols at the underground Seminary for Priests in Krakow, studies theology at the Jagiellonian University

1946.11.01 – Ordained a priest in Archbishop Chapel

1946-1948 – Studies at the “Angelicum” in Rome (awarded doctor’s degree at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow)

1948-1949 – Pastor in the parish Niegowic

1949-1951 – Pastor at St. Florian’s church in Krakow

1951-1954 – Habilitation at the Jagiellonian University, serves as a chaplain for the university students at St. Florian’s parish

from 1954 – Academic teacher of ethics at Catholic University of Lublin

1958.09.28 – Ordained a bishop in the Cathedral of Wawel

1962-1965 – Participates in the works of the Second Vatican Council

1964.01.18 – Nominated Archbishop of Krakow

1964.03.08 – Ceremonial Installation at the Wawel Cathedral

1967.05.29 – Elevated to Cardinal

1967.06.28 – Becomes a member of the College of Cardinals

1976.03.07-13 – Leads a retreat for Pope Paul VI in Vatican

1978.10.16 – Cardinal Karol Wojtyla is elected a Pope and takes the name of John Paul II

1981.05.13 – Assassination attempt on St. Peter’s Square – John Paul II was seriously wounded.

2005.04.02 – On the eve of the Feast of Divine Mercy, Holy Father, Pope John Paul II dies

2005.05.19 – Pope Benedict XVI announced the beginning of the beatification process of John Paul II

2014.04.27 – kanonisation

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