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Opening hours

Today we are open from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm
Last admission at 05:45 pm


ul. Kościelna 7
34-100 Wadowice
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"The city
of my childhood,
my family home,
the church of my Baptism..."
"I wish to cross these hospitable thresholds, bow before my native soil and its inhabitants (...)"

our exhibitions


"What I received in my school years continues to bear fruit in my life today".
"These childhood memories are (...) very important."
"And it can be said that everything in life depends (...) on family, on school, on parents and siblings, on schoolmates..."

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you need to book tickets to the Museum?

    As a rule, the booking of tickets is not obligatory, however due to the considerable traffic, especially in high season (May-October), we recommend to bypass the waiting queue and book your ticket via the website. The purchased ticket guarantees entry to the Museum on the selected date.

    Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket offices, but please note that the pool of tickets is limited and may be sold out.
  2. How long does the tour last and which form of tour to choose?

    Depending on individual preferences, the museum's permanent exhibition can be visited with a guide, with an audio guide or on your own.
    The guided tour takes about 70 minutes, while the audio-guided tour takes about 60 minutes. In the case of a self-guided tour, the pace of the tour depends on personal preference.
  3. How much does a ticket to the Museum cost and who is entitled to a discount?

    The price list for museum entrance tickets is presented here.

    Persons entitled to purchase a concessionary ticket include: children, school pupils, students, persons with disabilities and senior citizens. 

    A free ticket is available to, among others, children under 7 years of age, assistants of persons with disabilities, holders of the Card of the Pole and guardians of school groups (1 guardian per 15 children).

    A full list of those eligible for a concession ticket is available (here).
  4. Is the Museum accessible to visitors with disabilities and for families with small children?

    We want to be open and accessible to all visitors to ensure that the widest number of people can enjoy the building, collection and exhibition.

    The museum is adapted for both wheelchair users and the youngest visitors in baby strollers. Moving between floors is facilitated by elevators and a ramps. 

    Difficulties in mobility may be encountered in the first zone of the Museum, where the floor is paved (cobblestones) and the ramp located between floors with an 8% slope (with rests).
  5. Where can I park my car or bus?

    The Museum is located on the Wadowice Market Square and does not have its own car park. The area directly next to the Museum is closed to motorised traffic. It is therefore not possible to drive up to the Museum to drop off passengers. 

    You can leave your car in designated areas along the streets (free parking) or car parks in the town centre (some of which are paid). There are also several car parks for coaches in the vicinity. For detailed information about the location of the car parks and fees, visit the Wadowice Tourist Information website.