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young Karol Wojtyła
We know very well how important a history lesson is in the life of a young person. The Museum of the Family Home of the Holy Father John Paul II in Wadowice is a modern, narrative story about the life of this outstanding Pole, citizen of the world.

With a museum guide, with an audio guide or on your own. Plan a visit of your class to the Museum. Care about the development of your wards? Take advantage of the Museum's workshop offer and spend time creatively. It's a great alternative for children and young people of all ages.

Before you make a reservation, check which tour alternative will be best for your class. Below you will find information to help you decide. It will be a good time!

audio guide

Audio guides are devices that will make your visit to the Museum even more interesting. You can follow the tour available in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Slovak, Hungarian and Slovenian.

Use of the audio guide requires the use of headphones - either your own or disposable, available at the Museum.

regular ticket: PLN 28 | reduced ticket: PLN 22
The audio guide is included in the price.
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Individual visiting allows you to move through the exhibition at your own pace, you will be limited only by the Museum's opening hours. Entrance to the exhibition takes place at scheduled times (every 15 minutes), and on a regular basis, as available. It usually takes about 60 minutes to see the entire exhibition, but if you want to spend more time with us, you are welcome here!

You can use the mobile app to help you navigate the exhibition. It is available in the Google Play and AppStore.

regular ticket: 28 PLN | reduced ticket: 22 PLN
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with a guide

The exhibition is a narrative story about the life of Karol Wojtyla, and it is worth having someone to tell you this story. We recommend using a qualified museum guide. This form will allow you to adjust the level of knowledge transmitted to the age and expectations of the group. 

Museum guided tours are held at scheduled times in groups of up to 30 people. In the case of larger groups, they are divided. At the entrance you receive a tour-guide device, so that the group will hear the guide all the time. The tour takes about 60 - 70 minutes and is in Polish language.

regular ticket: 35 PLN | reduced ticket: 28 PLN.
The guide is included in the price.
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Our tips!

  1. Book a tour date in advance

    We open reservations for each month three months in advance. For example, we open the reservation for May on the first working day of March, starting at 9:00 am.

    For organized groups, it is possible to pre-booking. Book as many seats as you need, the reservation must be confirmed two weeks before the group's arrival - the final number of tickets and their type. Payment for the reservation can be made by quick online transfer or by proforma invoice.

    For organized groups, it is possible to pre-book tickets - order as many seats as you need, and confirm the exact number and type of tickets two weeks before the group's arrival. Payment for tickets can be made by quick online transfer or by proforma invoice.
  2. Be here a few minutes before visiting

    Be ready to visit the Museum about 10 minutes earlier. This will save stress for the group, and there will also be time to pick up tickets from the ticket offices or pick up the tour equipment. Remember that each group member should have their own ticket. Depending on the form of purchase, you will receive them in printable form or you will be asked to pick up your tickets at the ticket offices.

    Please note that admission to the Museum takes place at the time designated on the ticket!
  3. Book enough time to visit the museum

    About 1.5 hours should be planned for a group visit. The tour itself takes 60 to 70 minutes, plus time for the checkroom and restroom.

    Remember, too, that getting from the parking lot also takes time. The nearest parking lot for coaches is on Slowackiego Street (about 350 meters).

    For information on bus parking, visit the Tourist Information website
  4. Inform us if there is a person with a disability in the group who needs support.

    Did you know that there is a person at the Museum who makes our Museum open to the needs of people with disabilities? Let us know if there is such a person in your group and he or she requires support in visiting. The accessibility coordinator is at your service.

    Our accessibility coordinator is Anna Czajkowska - Salapat
    e-mail: dostepnosc@domjp2.pl or tel. 693 592 805.

    For more on adapting the Museum to the needs of people with disabilities, see accessibility

The workshops

More time in Wadowice? Take advantage of the Museum's workshop offer and spend some creative time with your class. This is a great offer not only for the youngest....
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  1. Reservation of tickets for groups for museum tours and workshops

    Visiting the Museum
    For school groups it is possible to pre-book tickets by phone: + 48 33 823 35 65, +48 33 823 26 62 or by email: rezerwacja@domjp2.pl 
    Tickets can also be purchased online via https://bilety.domjp2.pl/?lang=en 

    If you would like to register a group for an educational workshop (available only in polish), please contact us by email: edukacja@domjp2.pl
  2. Museum tour and workshop in one day

    It is possible to arrange tours of the Museum's permanent exhibition and educational workshops. However, these are two separate services that cannot be held simultaneously. Fill out the preliminary workshop reservation form, marking the option of visiting the Museum. Approximately four hours should be reserved for the implementation of the tour and workshop.
  3. Admission tickets and guide/audio guide fee

    Full ticket price list available here, and for the workshops here.

    A ticket to the Museum includes a visit to the permanent exhibition, spread over four floors of the building. On the second floor is the apartment where Karol Wojtyla was born and lived for 18 years. The ticket also entitles the visitor to enter the temporary exhibitions, which are located in the Museum.

    Depending on the form of tour chosen, the price of the entrance ticket includes a fee for a guide service or the rental of an audio guide and disposable headphones.

    A ticket for a workshop does not entitle the visitor to visit the Museum's exhibitions.
  4. Visiting time

    A guided or audio-guided tour of the permanent exhibition usually lasts about 60-70 minutes. In the case of individual tours, there is no limit to the amount of time spent in the Museum.
  5. Maximum number of people in a group

    A group entering the permanent exhibition at one time can be up to 30 people, including chaperones. Larger groups are divided into smaller sections. Entrances to the museum take place every 15 minutes.

Need help? Contact us!

We work from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4 pm (excluding public holidays)

T: + 48 33 823 35 65  |  +48 33 823 26 62 
e-mail: rezerwacja@domjp2.pl