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Over the years, mobile exhibitions on the life and teaching of John Paul II have been created. The Museum has both large, multimedia-filled exhibitions for indoor presentations and smaller ones for outdoor exhibitions.

An important part of our team's work is the creation of temporary exhibitions and making them available to other entities. In this way, we realize the Museum's mission, which is to commemorate and spread knowledge about the life and teaching of the Holy Father John Paul II, whose pontificate and message occupies a unique place in the Polish national heritage. Prepared exhibitions have an English translation in order to make them available to a wide audience not only at home, but also abroad.

I was born in Wadowice

The temporary exhibition "I was born in Wadowice" centers around one central symbol: home. At a time of growing scarcity of close family relationships, it served the exhibition's creators to show the story of Karol Wojtyla's life and sanctity.
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John Paul II. Man and Culture

The temporary exhibition "John Paul II: Man and Culture" reflects various aspects of the Polish Pope's life and his commitment to culture and education. Quoting the words of John Paul II, the exhibition touches on the most important issues of culture in the life of nations.
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An Open-air exhibition

The exhibition "I was born in Wadowice" highlights the Pope's relationship with his hometown. Through the prism of photos from Karol Wojtyla's Family Home, it shows the person of John Paul II and the message of his teaching. The words he once addressed to people, which are still relevant today.
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Exhibition coordinator

Tomasz Bagiński
T: +48 603 516 203 | t.baginski@domjp2.pl