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John Paul II was the pope. A person who becomes pope changes his name. John Paul II's name was Karol Wojtyla.

At the museum you will learn about the life story of John Paul II.

The museum is in a townhouse. John Paul II lived here when he was a child and a young man. The Museum has many mementos of John Paul II and his family.

We are committed to making your visit to the Museum a pleasure and a great adventure. We have prepared a guidebook. From the guide you will learn how to visit the Museum.

You are welcome!

Where is the Museum?

The museum is located at the Wadowice market next to the church. You can get here:

1. by public transport:
  • by bus (get off at the stop on Lwowska Street or at the bus station)
  • By train (get off at the train station)
  • Head towards the Museum according to the signs, which indicate the direction as in the photo on the left.

2. by your own car
The Museum does not have its own parking lot.
Parking lots are at:
  • City Hall
  • Kosciuszko Square
Get directions

Where can I buy the tickets?

You can buy your ticket through the website: bilety.domjp2.pl

You can buy a ticket:
  • download to your phone or tablet
  • print

Ticket office

You can also buy your ticket at the Ticket Office. The ticket office is in a building at the Wadowice market square, about 20 meters from the entrance to the museum.
Address: John Paul II Square number 5. Look at the photo in the background.

At the ticket office

The ticket office is a small room. A ticket office employee will sell you the appropriate ticket. You can pay by cash, card or blik. On the wall of the Cashier's Office is posted the price list of tickets.

At home you can see the price list on the Museum's website - ticket price list

The ticket looks like the one shown in the photo on the left.

Reduced and free tickets

If you want to buy a concessionary ticket or a free ticket, show the corresponding ID card or card. A discounted ticket can be purchased by, for example:
  • male and female students,
  • male and female students,
  • people with disabilities.
A free ticket can be purchased by, for example:
  • children under the age of 7,
  • assistants of persons with disabilities.
The ticket indicates the start time of the tour. Come to the museum at the designated time. Keep your ticket for the duration of the tour.

Before entrance to the Museum

4.5 meters from the entrance to the museum stands a mock-up. The mock-up shows the given thing in a reduced size. Next to the entrance to the Museum is a mock-up of a church and a tenement.

The mock-up has a description in Braille.

Entrance to the museum

The entrance to the museum is at the market square. You will enter the building through a wooden door. Note: the door is heavy!

Once inside, you will find yourself in the first room of the exhibition. It is darker there than outside, and there is a floor of stones under your feet.

Show your entrance ticket to the Museum Employee. The Museum employee will scan the barcode from the ticket.

There are hand sanitizing devices in the Museum. You can use them if you want.

How to visit the Museum?

You can visit the museum with a guide or on your own. You can use a guided tour app. It's called "JPII Family House Museum." Download it to your phone or tablet from the Play Store or AppStore.

In the app you will find several tracks to listen to in different languages. Choose one of them. Available in Polish are:
  • basic trail
  • family trail
  • a trail with a museum game for children
  • a trail in Polish Sign Language
  • a trail with audiodescription

Tour with audio guide

You can also visit the Museum with an audio guide. Request it or indicate it at the time of ticket purchase.

The audio guide is a small gray device with numbered buttons. It has a ribbon so you can hang it around your neck.

You will get the audio guide with headphones from the Museum Employee after scanning your ticket. The employee will show you how to use the audio guide.

See what the audio guide looks like in the photo above.

Guided tour

You can also visit the museum with a guide. Guide will guide you through the exhibition. The guide will show you around in Polish.

The Cloakroom

Before you start the tour, you can use the checkroom. A museum employee will show you how to get to it.

The checkroom is a room with a long wooden counter. Give the checkroom employee what you want to leave.In the checkroom you can leave your jacket, coat or other garment, as well as luggage and other items, such as an umbrella.

You can only carry a small bag at the exhibition. Leave your large bag, suitcase or backpack in the cloakroom.

You may not eat during the tour. Leave your food in the cloakroom.

You will receive a badge with a number from the cloakroom attendant. Keep it with you and give it back when and return to the cloakroom for your belongings.

In the photo to the right, see what the cloakroom looks like.

Exhibition tour

After leaving the checkroom, return to the room where entrance tickets are checked. A museum employee will show you where to start your tour.

If you are touring on your own, start the audio guide or app. Remember to use headphones.

You will find out which recording to turn on from the numbered plaques in the exhibition.

While visiting

On display are videos and recordings of speeches by John Paul II.

If you prefer to visit the Museum in silence and without flashing images, come visit us on the last Sunday of each month during the last 2 hours of the exhibition's opening - according to the Museum's website.

That's when we have "quiet visiting hours" and turn off movies and recordings.

Some rooms are darker than others. In some places the showcases with exhibits are under glass in the floor - you can stand on them, it's safe.

The most valuable memorabilia is presented in glass cases. When you lean against or touch them you set off an alarm.

Most of the time your stay at the museum lasts about an hour, but you can visit the exhibition for longer or shorter. If you want to rest or stop for a while, seats have been prepared in some halls.

Getting around the Museum

In some rooms there are poles with thick ropes hanging down. Stay in front of them.

There are elevators in the museum. One of the elevators makes a loud sound as it goes down.

Guardians of the exhibition

In the museum you will meet the caretakers (males and females) of the exhibition. They wear white blouses and navy blue suits.

Some of the caretakers are nuns who have their own religious dress.

You can ask the caretakers and attendants questions and ask for help.

The museum also has security ladies and gentlemen.
They wear black uniforms.
They take care of the safety of visitors.


Toilets are located behind the locker room on the right.
If you are a woman, use the restroom with the woman's sign.

If you are a man or a person with a disability, use the restroom with the man's sign (as next to it)

If you want to change your baby's diaper use the mute room. Information about the quieting room can be found below.

Museum store

After visiting the museum, you can enter the store. You can buy books and souvenirs there. You can pay with cash, card or bliq.

From the store you enter the checkroom. There are toilets on the left.
Next to the checkroom is the exit from the Museum.

Room of tranquility

If you have such a need you can use the mute room. The mute room is located on the first floor near the checkroom and museum store.

It is a lockable room where you can rest and relax. You will be helped to reach the mute room by Museum staff or Security staff.

The Quiet Room can also be used by nursing moms and parents with children and senior citizens.

Quiet time of sightseeing

If you are disturbed by the sounds or if you want to avoid a large number of visitors, visit us on the last Sunday of each month during the last 2 hours of the exhibition opening.

That's when we have "quiet visiting hours" and turn off the multimedia.

Important rules at the museum

  1. Walk slowly.
  2. If you want, you can take pictures, but don't use flash.
  3. Try not to touch glass display cases.
  4. Don't talk loudly, it disturbs others.
  5. If you need help, report to the supervisor or caretaker of the exhibition.
  6. If you need it, the museum can lend you a wheelchair for the duration of the tour.

Availability Coordinator

We will be pleased to host you!
We hope you enjoy your stay at the John Paul II Family House.

If you would like to inquire about anything, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator:
Anna Czajkowska-Sałapat
tel. 693 592 805

If you want to learn more about our Museum or the events we organize, check out our website www.domjp2.pl

See you there!